HoneySpot Premium Genetics

PRE-ICO MEDICAL MARIJUANA COLLECTIVE SINCE 2005 - Rated #1 in Los Angeles for Best Patient Safe Medical Marijuana Dispensary.
HoneySpot Genetics
HoneySpot Premium Genetics

About Us

As the marijuana industry in Los Angeles takes it's peaking point in a key factor for much needed world healing, we take pride in setting the bar when it comes to high standards for medical marijuana patient care.

Rated #1 in Los Angeles for Best "Patient Safe" Medical Marijuana Dispensary, patient safety is our main concern. HoneySpot Premium Genetics take extra precautionary steps necessary so our patients receive the highest quality, pesticide and harmful chemical free products with certified lab approved test results.

Our HoneySpot team are hand picked experts to make sure that each and every patient received the best care, making each experience sweet has honey.

Additional services include: On-line Doctor Recommendations, Cannabis Extractions (concentrates and oils), GrowOp Turn-Key Buildout's, Clone and Grow Consultation and Services, and Grow Team Placement Network.